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數 據 中 心 及 工 業 項 目

  • MEGA Gateway Data Center, Tsuen Wan

  • Green Island Cement Factory

  • Advanced Manufacturing Center at TKO Ind. Estate

  • Trunk Data Center

  • Global Switch Data Center at TKO Ind. Estate

  • China Mobile Data Center at TKO Ind. Estate

  • Wonder 8 Data Center at TKO Ind. Estate

  • Hong Kong Bank HQ

  • Hutchison Global Data Center

  • San Miguel Brewery Plant

  • HUD North Plant

  • Nestle Factory

  • Kee Wah Bakery Factory

  • Nin Jiom Medicine Manufacturing Plant

  • Dow Chemical Plant

  • HAECO, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate

  • Kerry Cold Store, Kwai Chung

  • Hing Wai Ice and Storage

  • Parknshop cold store

  • Dairy Farm Factory

  • San Miguel Brewery Plant, Bao Ding, Beijing

  • San Miguel Brewery Plant, Shunde

  • Carlsberg Brewery, Shanghai

  • Lucent Factory, Qingdao

  • Hau Fei (Philips) Factory, Nanjing

  • PMF Factory, ShenzhenAllergan Medicine Factory, Hangzhou

數 據 中 心

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